• The influence of the smartphone on the customer experience.

    Nowadays, most smartphone owners consider their phone as a personal assistant with which they can obtain any type of information. The mobile has become so important in our daily lives that we unlock it, on average, 150 times a day. We use it at specific times during which we seek the most reliable information in […]

  • Phygital: how to improve the user experience.

    The digital has become one of the key pieces of any brand strategy. Since 92% of French consumers base their decisions on reviews and comments before making an online purchase, it is essential to develop an effective digital strategy tailored to the customer’s needs. Today and although e-commerce platforms have many advantages, human interaction, the […]

  • WhatsApp Business already allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers.

    Since its inception, WhatsApp has remained faithful to an update policy with very few changes in its features and visual interface. Over the last few years, we have seen the appearance of new functionalities, at a time when the competition was already several steps ahead. However, the key of its global success and daily use […]

  • Social Media Marketing: which KPI for which objective?

    Welcome to the digital era, where social media has shaken the consumer habits and customs. Essential in a marketing strategy, social media has become a business lever invested by most of the brands and companies. Thus, social media is used by 87% of marketers in companies (Hootsuite, 2017). Yet, what is the benefit of a […]